A tour of a Gigabyte factory

Testing the most exciting step of the process, but arguably the about-healths.com most important

Our final destination was the testing floor. Here, each motherboard is tested to some degree, with random samples pulled https://www.about-healths.com/ for more intensive examination.

These machines are designed to simulate an entire computer being powered on to test, and they probe pretty much every interface on the motherboard to make sure it’s working properly. Large readouts give technicians a visual cue when something is awry.

Basic functional testing is done on every unit, and extended testing is done on a percentage of the boards

Automated testing wouldn’t prevent a batch from leaving the factory with a bug in a particular component or process, though, so a percentage of boards are chosen at random for more rigorous inspection. Here, technicians power on a complete system and boot into operating systems (we saw both Windows XP and specialized testing environments) to test cheap ravens jerseys mlb personalized jerseys extended functionality.

Human visual china nfl nike jerseys inspection is combined with sticker application to reduce the total number of steps

Last but not least, each board undergoes a basic visual inspection before it’s passed on to either the retail box line or direct shipment to OEM customers.

The box makers, er, make boxes.

Each retail box begins its journey as a flat piece of cardboard that is shaped in cheap jersey boy tickets new york city the automatic box makers. These puppies can each churn out a box every couple of seconds.

Packaging bundles motherboards with other components into retail boxes

The empty boxes speed along belts to join the inspected motherboards. This last assembly line of workers simply places all the necessary pieces into each box, including the board itself, manuals, and other accessories.

Here’s the reason OEM parts cost less

OEM parts, on the other hand, are packed in shipping crates between slices of foam, ready to be sent off in bulk to their final destination.

This machine weighs each box of shipments to detect any inconsistencies for inspection

Before finally leaving the factory, product cartons are aggregated into large shipping boxes that are individually weighed. The weight of each box is very consistent unless something is missing or included by accident, allowing a final team of factory inspectors to correct any errors before shipments cheap jersey youth leave the facility.

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